I am a woman of substance. I walk with pride.
I have a style of my own. My elegance comes from inside.

I hold my head high; not ashamed of my past.
I am a real woman; a real woman at last.

No one knows the pain I’ve been through.
No one knows how I’ve suffered too.

I am a real woman. I can survive this race.
I can keep it together, and keep a smile on my face.

A real woman; strong and wise.
I ignore the jealousy; I ignore the lies.

I’m real and very true from the heart.
I’ll let you know this from the start.

Surviving the worst, and taking care of my needs.
I am a real woman; a real woman indeed.

A Walk In My Shoes” is available
Copyright © 2006 Gwynita Leggington

1 Response to “A REAL WOMAN”

  1. 1 Sankofa Literary Review, Editor
    May 23, 2008 at 1:01 pm

    Gwynita Leggington is a writer on a mission. Her creative writing style speaks for itself. Gwynita is a published author, columnist, editor, freelance writer, poet and researcher. In addition, she is the owner of Infinity Literary Services .

    Gwynita has written poetry, short stories and essays since the age of ten, and she has always enjoyed sharing her work with others.

    Gwynita realized at a very young age that she was destined to become a writer. She published her first essay entitled “America the beautiful,” at the age of ten, which appeared in a weekly television publication.

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