The Big Payback by Cederick W. Tardy, II

The Big Payback by Cederick W. Tardy, II

Rating: 10 (EchelonBooks); 5 (Amazon)

Review by Tavares S. Carney – “the Christian Page Turner”

In The Big Payback, author, Cederick Tardy draws upon his personal life experiences and advises from his own perspective, and probably many more young males, single mothers on what it is he thinks are the methods and strategies to raise a successful young man. Having had to deal with childhood emotions he so candidly shares in this work, he gives mothers who may not have an open line of communication with their son insight into what may be going through the minds of their young man. He turns the looking glass to all mothers, making us painfully examine what it is we could actually be doing better to rear our sons and areas whereby we can use a little or a lot of improvement. He gives pointers regarding the signs and symbols mothers should look for in order that they are conscious of other forms of communication from their son’s besides verbal communication.

The difference in what some are calling this “parenting manual” and a typical parenting manual from a seasoned psychologist, social worker or family counselor, is that it is advised from a youth perspective. While Cederick is quite appreciative of everything his mother thought she was doing right in providing for him, this work affords readers the true essence of what a son longs for from his mother, her time and attention, her ears and her heart.

He teaches us all that material things come and go, but love and understanding surpasses all. A nurturing mother, with God’s assistance, is the best cultivator of a successful, well-rooted young man. Cederick is proof positive that any situation can be made positive when a firm foundation is laid and communication is honest and open. Those of us that are mothers, single or not, will close the final page of this book having gained at least one thing we can take with us and apply it to our daily lives. Plain and simple, he discusses real topics and suggests real solutions.

Book Description

Cederick Tardy shows you how to build trust, develop courage to overcome, interpret actions and body language, improve communication skills, understand your son’s thought processes, plan your son’s future, understand his father’s significance, win arguments without ruing relationships and much more. The Big Payback will open your eyes as a single mother and give you greater insight into what you should or shouldn’t be doing as a parent to garner your son’s success.

Product Details

Paperback: 163 pages
Publisher: Cederick Tardy Enterprises (May 13, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0979230101
ISBN-13: 978-0979230103
Network with Author, Cederick W. Tardy, II:

Cederick Tardy Enterprises operates as a public speaking sole proprietorship. Additionally the company operates as a publishing company with a consulting division for aspiring authors. Cederick Tardy, the head of CTE, is 22 years old. As young African-American man, Cederick serves as a needed role model, mentor, and speaker to young men and women. The Big Payback and A Head Start are the first two books published by CTE. The Big Payback is a book written for single mothers on how to better raise a young man in this time. A Head Start is a book written to the sons of single mothers on how to be a successful young man.

Cederick Tardy Enterprises

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