Since my introduction to the Akan word “Sankofa” I have been both intrigued, excited and empowered. Indeed “We must go back and reclaim our past so we can move forward; so we understand why and how we came to be who we are today.” Over my many years I have discovered one of the reasons for the daily confusion and stress in our lives is our continual search for identity. Going back to reclaim my past I am led to the book of beginnings Genesis 1:27] “So God created people in his own image; God patterned them after himself; male and female he created them.” In this I discovered that I have been divinely and wonderfully created in the image and likeness of God for his express purpose, and my life, my identity, my worth, my validation, my integrity, all that I am and all that I will ever hope to be is lodged in him.
Pastor Joshua McClure

Author: Almost Persuaded, Now to believe 2008, Can These Bobes Live? 2006,
website: www.joshuaamcclure.com


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