The Closet Cove



The Closet Cove
The Poem that Started it AllBy Terry Reece, Karoderick Reece THE CLOSET COVE THIS Mythical Story was Developed By Karoderick Jamaal Reece, as a “SPIN-OFF” to the Magical Understanding of the POEM, written by Terry “THE WARRIOR” Reece, called “THE CLOSET COVE”! See THE Poem, at the Book’s Beginning
Publication Date:
Jan 17 2005
1438240562 / 9781438240565
Page Count:
Binding Type:
US Trade Paper
Trim Size:
6″ x 9″
Black and White
Related Categories:
Fiction / Fantasy / Short Stories

THE POEM that Started it All:

The 1st page Featured Poem in NOBLE House’s 2005; Theatre of the Mind
By Terry “THE WARRIOR” Reece

I crawled up into the space where no one could see me there.
The woods and the forest were so green;
I can still smell the fresh air.

Nothing quite like the freshness of
the country air, when the fall
Is beginning to come; yet the summer’s not trying to play fair.

Those rustic colors and bright speckles of leaves rustle and
blow through the streets of the woods, like forgotten critters of the element.

I’m flowing, and running and having
So much fun, just listen to the animals as
They watch the glistening sun.

“ShuussHHHH”; that sound is
from the small stream just rolling
along across the rocks and lily
pad beans. Frogs croak a bit, yet,
it’s not their time of day; Not quite
evening yet, as those heated
winds rustle the season away.

Now it’s time to return to the
world of reality. Must go down now,
from this place. This place of the CLOSET COVE, my favorite
place. OK; Here I go! Here I go down from this place!

Here I go, Here I go, Here I go!

©Copyright 1990
By Terry “the Warrior” Reece


Now, “We, the counsel shall come to order.” (Rev. Mitchell was not only over the church, but he was also over the town counsel). “We come together to follow up on the accounts put against Mrs. Debra Johnson.” “Do you, Mrs. Johnson deny any of the accounts put forth against you?” “No, I am who I am!” The counsel begins to whisper amongst themselves. Suddenly one of the counsel members noticed that the witch was not there. As the gentlemen were trying to figure out where the which had disappeared: “But, I shall warn you any harm done to me shall be turned against you and this entire dreaded town.” The counsel reacts loudly. “We should burn the little snake!” “NO, we should hang her from a tree!” The counsel reacted so loudly that it was very difficult for the Rev. to obtain order. “ORDER, ORDER!” Finally, the counsel settled themselves down. “As Mayor and Head of the Holy Church, I and the other counsel members sentence you to death by hanging of tree and fire.”
As the Rev. made these comments something strange happened. All the lights (remember in these times there were only oil lamps and candles) went out for just a few seconds. As the lights came back on, everyone tried gathering themselves. The men ran outside. They saw men, women, and children running about loudly.
The men looked upon the hill and the Witch’s home was lit up with light. The skies were filled with clouds as the thunder roared. A boom here and a bang there made the people in the town very frightened. “Is there anything we can do to stop her?” “No, there’s not a thing any of us can do right now”. We will just have to wait until Sunday night”. For days the skies were filled with darkness; there was no such thing as light.
Even the nights were frightening, for if you were here in these times, you would not find a single person out in the chaos. Days passed as so did the nights. Day after day, night after night, the storms, the booms, and the bangs continued. Sunday finally came.
All that morning the people gathered supplies, torches, sticks, poles; anything they could find to destroy the Witch. But as you all know, Witches are very intelligent and it is very hard to trick them. So the counsel came up with a plan that would destroy her (the Witch) forever. The plan was to surround the dreaded looking house and overtake the home by going through the doors and windows. Of course they all sat and waited till nightfall when they felt that the “Lord’s help” would be at it’s strongest.
Finally the time had come. As they walked up the hill, they began to say the Lord’s Prayer in unison. Some were silent while others were very loud, for each individual did what it took to get him or her by. When they reached the awful looking home of the witch, the Rev. said one prayer and then calmly yelled loudly for the witch to open her door. There came no answer from the witch. While they were trying to get her to open the door, the witch stared out the window preparing to do total damage to all those who stood outside her home.
Now I will not tell you the things she said and the rituals she spouted because if I did, then this book probably would not last on the market. I will tell you this; the things she said would make a blind man see.
Back outside, the counsel called twelve men up front with a very large battering ram to knock down the witch’s door. Silence overcame everyone and all you could hear were the voices shouting “ONE, TWO, THREE”. Suddenly the door or the house was knocked down and the entire town was inside of the witch’s home. All over, you ??? upstairs looking for the witch. If I were to say that no one was afraid, then I would be ??? Yet they still kept going.
Then as they marched down the hallways of the house, they all saw a big cloud of smoke come up out of nowhere. Someone yelled, “ Look out” and as someone said this, an old man was pushed out the way of a falling wooden panel board from the roof. The old man yelled loudly. “The little wench is mine”! No one paid the little man any attention because he, of course, was running off at the mouth. But if there was anyone there whom was not afraid and if there was anyone present with a heart, it was the old man.

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