Do You Know Who’s Kissing You????

LETS JUST KISS AND SAY GOOD-BYE by T.D. Jakes When I thought of the lyrics of the song it made me wonder about a kiss.I had to meet you here today. There’s just so many things to say. Please don’t stop me till I’m through, this is something I hate to do. We’ve been meeting here
so long…..etc….Please darling don’t you cry, Let’s just kiss and say good-bye!
Powerful lyrics.
But why a kiss? A kiss is a term of endearment. A kiss is something that is the seal of approval. Guys always feel that getting the first kiss from a young lady was the
start of something. A kiss is usually how you greet your wife. A kiss is how you say good night to your children. A kiss is what you share when you want to let a person know that you love them!

So why did Judas betray Jesus with a kiss? This gives a whole new meaning for a kiss!
Jesus had 12 friends that we know as disciples. He chose his disciples Himself. The bible says that he knew one of them was the devil. So for 3 years of Jesus’ life he walked, talked, and had breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a man that he knew would betray Him. Some may wonder, why didn’t Jesus expose Judas for what he was? Why did Jesus allow Judas to continue on with Him?
The answer is simple. Jesus knew that prophecy had to be
fulfilled. He knew he had an ultimate purpose in life. So in order to fulfill the promise,Jesus had to let someone he didn’t necessarily care for as a person tag along to keep Himself focused on the purpose.

There are people in your life that are there only to bother you. These people are in your life to keep you on your knees. These people are in your life because they are a
part of the problem and the solution. These same people will help catapult you to your destiny! When Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss, he opened our eyes to the fact
that a kiss is not always what we intend it to be.
Be careful who you let put their lips on you and your life. Be careful of who speaks well of you. Be careful of who always has an answer. Be careful of the ones that seem to
like you but it’s just something about them that you just can’t put your finger on.

Everyone in your life is not meant to stay in your life. Let’s just kiss and say good bye. You can’t carry everyone with you. There are some places that God wants you to go
that only you can go. Learn to love,leave, and live your life as God intended!
The next time you’re betrayed by someone you THOUGHT was a friend, just remember ‘Let’s Just Kiss and Say Good Bye! Jesus already knew the betrayal was on the way.
So get over it, step on it, and don’t live your life wondering ‘why’

I was sent this message and decided to ask you……




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