Black In America

Black In America……..

Do we as Blacks really understand the essence of being black? Have we checked and rechecked our history? Have we stayed connected to both the positive and negative results of our ancestor’s struggles and plights? If we have we all and those hereafter wouldn’t give a second thought to obtaining an education, voting, or seeking to implement new laws. Welfare and other programs wouldn’t be a claim as the only way to live generation after generation. We wouldn’t accept community, education and living conditions that didn’t strive to be the best for our families. We wouldn’t accept our children sassing adults from the age of two or accept “Family Services” book terms to raise our homes and watch them as they take our children. We wouldn’t accept our children Telling us what they will or won’t do. We wouldn’t accept their criminal behavior, them ruining our homes and creating havoc in the schools. We wouldn’t accept the gang recruitment of our children. We would have a grasp on who we should be, are and want our generations to follow.

Do we as Blacks really understand the essence of being black? It brings responsibility. We will not receive the acres and the mule. The lie was told to add glamour to a trip to this country that has held us in bondage ever since the journey. The same glamour that is depicted in our videos, the bling of that acre and a mule. Our ancestors were foreigners that were used to build a nation, a nation that we need to embrace but remember we were foreigners. Foreigners can go to any country and succeed following the rules of that country. We complain about others who come to America and achieve………they learn the rules and succeed. They seek what their families can get from this loving government and succeed. They get financing, businesses, education, housing, health care and succeed. It is understood the policies that are made behind the closed doors but we as Blacks need to speak on what is afforded to those who now have the opportunities that exceed ours. But first we must follow the rules. We can’t sell drugs, loot, fail to attend community and school board meetings and expect things to just change. Millions watched CNN and complained but out of those how many parents are involved in their communities? How many attend their children’s Parent Teacher Meetings? How many know where their children are or who they’re with daily? I thank CNN for opening conversations, posing questions, recognizing there is a need for solutions. We as Blacks in America need to find solutions.

Do we as Blacks really understand the essence of being black? It brings determination. Our ancestors were survivals. They took on challenges and endured what very few claim they could live with or without. Today’s black families are scattered for various reasons. Our connection may be a result of societies pressures but really, families are not put together or torn apart because the Man influenced its makeup. Yes the economy takes two working parents and yes employment means that the educated have an advantage; but our cores in family are weak. There’s no longer “Mama” to bring the family together we they run everywhere but to church on Sunday. “Daddy” is not there to help the young men learn manhood begins when they no longer sit on the potty. Neither are there at the recitals, basketball games, or graduations. Neither is cutting of the videos, explaining sex education, spending quality time and this is not the responsibility of America. It is ours.

Black in America………..The topic is Do We understand The essence of being Black?

Nanette M. Buchanan

Author, Family Secrets Lies & Alibi’s

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